Grab your culinary passport.

World Spice Pralines

You’re just like us. The siren song of wanderlust is always there, patiently waiting for the moment to pull you somewhere new. As soon as you step off the plane, you’re heading to that amazing hole-in-the-wall spot that makes the absolute best version of the specialty of the area… You explore the world with your taste buds.

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If you’re like us, you love to travel. And if you’re even more like us, the best thing about traveling is diving into another cuisine while immersing yourself in the color, music, history, and art of another culture. Prepare your culinary passport for a new type of world tour. This collection globe-trots in the most delicious way, celebrating iconic spice blends from around the world.

Mexican Mole Praline
Few spice blends pair better with dark chocolate than a Mexican Mole. Guajillo, ancho, and mole chiles come together in a smoky, fruity cloud of gentle heat. Herbal notes from Mexican oregano, Yerba Santa, bay leaves, and thyme counterbalance the warmth of cloves, cinnamon, allspice, and sea salt. The praline combines toasted almonds and pepitas, with their distinct, crispy texture and gently grassy notes. 
Indian Green Korma Praline
Perhaps one of the more surprising spice blends in the collection, this Indian Korma Praline was designed to delight. We’ve swapped the traditional tang of yogurt for a rich praline of toasted cashews and almonds. A lightly floral and herbal blend of cardamom, spearmint, parsley, turmeric, and ginger brightens the praline. Green chiles, coriander, cayenne, anise, and cloves balance the grassy notes. 
Cajun Pecan Praline
The flavors of the American South come together in this praline. Our Cajun spice blend combines paprika and cayenne with two types of crushed peppercorns. Oregano, thyme, and sage all lend their herbaceous aromas to the blend, and toasted pecans make for a nutty, buttery praline flavor. 
Jamaican Jerk Praline
The heat of Caribbean island life crashes over you like a wave with the first bite of this praline. The one-two punch of Scotch bonnets and chocolate habanero peppers wastes no time heating your palate right up. Sweet paprika and house-blended Chinese five-spice powder settle against the spice, while scallions add grassy notes and cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves give the blend gentle warmth and depth. The almond praline also celebrates the roots of Jamaican Jerk pork by adding pulverized chicharrones into the mix. 
Moroccan Ras al Hanout Praline
Ras al Hanout is less about a specific spice blend and more about using the best of everything you add. That’s exactly what we did when we sourced the spices in this praline. Toasted almonds, cashews, and coconuts give a nutty foundation to a blend of cinnamon, mace, cardamom, allspice, nutmeg, coriander, black pepper, cayenne, anise seed, and cloves. 
Sichuan Sesame Praline
The Far East stop on this tour, the Sichuan Sesame Praline balances the numbing coolth of Sichuan peppercorns with the warmth of Facing Heaven chiles. Ginger, dried scallion, star anise, cinnamon, and bay leaf complete the spice blend. The praline itself is a blend of toasted almonds and toasted white sesame seeds, a textural treat with delicate nutty notes.
Ethiopian Berbere Praline 
Ethiopian Berbere spice blends are spicy, sweet, and tangy. We built our robust berbere blend on red chiles and sweet paprika, accenting the heat and smoke with ginger, coriander, cardamom, and fenugreek. All this melds with the warmth of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves, and the rich buttery notes of toasted almonds and peanuts. 
Peruvian Aji Amarillo Praline
Toasted Brazil nuts and almonds pair with Aji Amarillo Peruvian Chiles, sweet paprika, Mexican oregano, cumin, annatto, and lemon that we dry and pulverize right in the m cacao kitchen.   

Enjoyment & Pairing Recommendations


Cured Meats
These pralines work exceptionally well when paired with a selection of cured meats, like on a charcuterie board. The savory, salty, fatty notes from a mix of hard and soft cured meats-- think Sopresetta, Capicola, and Genoa salami-- act as a lovely foil to the rich, sweet notes from the chocolate and the pralines.


Global Fruits
Consider this collection an invitation to taste the fruits of the world. The pieces that hail from the Asian and African continents pair exceptionally well with dried figs, dates, and dried apricots. The North and South American pieces pair incredibly with dried mango, banana chips, and dehydrated apple rounds (bonus if you sprinkle them with cinnamon).


White Wines
To highlight the varied spice blends, we recommend dry, crisp white wines. A very dry, brut prosecco or cava is especially lovely with the light, airy texture of these pralines.


After Dinner Drinks
We also love to save these Pralines to serve with our after-dinner coffee and tea. Each of the flavors inherently lends itself to bold, rich espresso-style coffee, perfect for slowly sipping while you savor a praline. Try pairing strongly brewed Chickory coffee with the Cajun Pecan Praline, or an aromatic black tea laced with orange blossom with the Indian Korma Praline. The possibilities are endless.