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Salts of the WorldSalts of the World

Salts of the World

From $32
The ClassicsThe Classics

The Classics

From $28
box of chocolates with 16 pieces for the chef collectionVariety of chocolate and chocolate topping for mcacao chef collection

Chef's Collection

From $28
seriously? trufflesseriously? truffles

seriously? truffles

From $32
Garden CaramelsGarden Caramels

Garden Caramels

From $28
dark chocolate with pecan brownie piecesfine dark chocolate with candied oranges, lemons, limes


Tenth Circle Challenge CollectionTenth Circle Challenge Collection

Tenth Circle Challenge...

From $65
16 hot peppers flavored chocolate pieces in a boxChocolate pieces and peppers in a desert

Chile Caramels

From $28
Molten Drinking ChocolatesMolten Drinking Chocolates

Molten Drinking Chocol...