Give them a piece of you...

Show them how you feel with Expressio from M. Cacao – the first ever Chocolate Video Box. Create a unique gift experience they’ll remember forever. Simply upload your own video or slideshow & choose your chef-crafted chocolates. It’s the new way to gift a piece of you.

Why Expressio?

Unforgettable Personalized Experience

Expressio seamlessly combines handcrafted chocolates with your own personalized video message, creating a unique and emotional gifting experience. Simply upload your video or photos to share your love, gratitude, or celebration, making an unforgettable connection with each gift.

Chef Crafted Chocolates

M. Cacao chocolates, crafted by a Master French pastry chef, epitomize luxury and craftsmanship. More than treats, these chocolates are art, made with expert techniques and the finest ingredients. The complex flavors and textures distinguish them from ordinary chocolates and reflect your thoughtfulness and distinction.

Fast Production and Fast Shipping (Even in Summer!)

M. Cacao ensures fast production and delivery. Specialized packaging like biodegradable insulation and drain-safe cold packs are used to safely ship chocolates during warm months, ensuring they arrive in excellent condition, even in the summer.

What Customers Say

Exceeded my expectations

I ordered the expressio box with the Valentine Collection chocolates. We celebrated Valentine's Day early and my boyfriend loved the gift! The video was clear, the sound was great and the chocolates were amazing!!! M.Cacao did a great job packaging it for delivery and the Valentine card they sent with it on my behalf exceeded my expectations ❤️🙂 kudos to all of you at M.Cacao... it was perfect!!!!

Lara (Bradenton, FL)

Screen clear & chocolate amazing

This item exceeded my expectations. The box itself was well made. The screen was clear, the sound it good, and you get a usb cord where you’re able to switch the pictures out or edit them as you wish. The chocolate was amazing! They did not last very long. I wish there were more than 16 pieces. The chocolate is very rich and delicious. Makes a really great gift.

Catherine (Staten Island, NY)

Amazing, thoughtful, touching!

Amazing and thoughtful gift to give someone. I purchased this as a gift for my mother and when I opened the package to check it I saw how beautiful it was. I know she’s going to love it especially me including her mother and brother that passed away years ago. This is a very touching gift💕

Jasmine G. (Philadelphia, PA)

Loved the sentiment of this gift

I chose this as a special gift for my friend's 60th birthday. She loved the sentiment of the slideshow along with the chocolates.

Denise R. (Fountain Hills, AZ)

Keepsake everyone should have

The chocolates are a delicacy! I love the packaging and the special moments uploaded digitally are priceless! This is a keepsake that everyone should have.

Sandra G. (Brooklyn, NY)

The best bespoke chocolates

I have eaten chocolates in numerous chocolatier’s around the world. These chocolates are without doubt the best. Bespoke is an understatement. The flavours of their chocolates and caramels are truly sensational. I ordered several espresso boxes that will be going to the UK along with the caramels . My hat is off to you. The making of the videos took me a little time but after I made them the process was so simple. The shipping to Canada was a breeze. Kudos and thanks

Ian R. (Hamilton, ON)

Step 1

Choose Your Chocolate Collection

Traditional? Adventurous? World Traveler? Sweet Tooth? Chili Head? We have chef-crafted chocolates to delight most everyone.
Step 2

Upload Your Videos or Photos

Create a polished video or a quick heartfelt snippet, or choose memorable photos. Uploading is fast and easy.
Step 3

We Ship Anywhere, Fast

Your chocolates and message are securely packed into an Expressio box and quickly shipped to any destination. With our 100% No-Melt Guarantee, your gift will arrive in flawless condition.
Step 4

Everyone Feels the Love

Expressio delivers unforgettable joy and love, pairing your personal touch with chocolates from a Master French Pastry Chef. Both you and your recipient will feel the love.

Vivid, crisp video with 6" IPS LCD Screen

Plays up to half hour of 720p HD video

Can display hundreds of photos

Your choice of chef-crafted chocolates, from classic to adventurous

Ships Fast

Vivid, crisp video with 6" IPS LCD Screen

Plays up to half hour of 720p HD video

Can display hundreds of photos

Your choice of chef-crafted chocolates, from classic to adventurous

Ships Fast


How long does it take to create a custom Expressio box?

Once you upload you videos or photos, we can customize your personalized Expressio in a day. 

How long does shipping take?

It depends on where you are. If you’re in New England, and you choose Standard shipping, you’ll have your chocolate in a day or two. Standard shipping to the West Coast usually takes about 5 days. You can also choose Express shipping, which takes 2 days. 

Can you ship chocolate in the summer?

Yes! By choosing our Warm Weather Express service, we can safely ship your chocolates anywhere in the United States even when temperatures top 100°F. To protect your chocolates against summer heat, we pack them in completely biodegradable Green Cell starch-based foam insulation, along with a few super-cold drain-safe gel packs. We’ve engineered, tested, and perfected the most environmentally-friendly way to get our chocolates to you safe and unmelted. 

I’m looking for a bunch of Expressios for an event. Do you offer quantity pricing?

Yes we do! Please contact us at with the details. 

Can I customize the chocolates for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and the like?

Yes you can! In addition to loading your own videos and photos, we also offer ways to customize the chocolates themselves. Please reach out to us at with your designs and we can provide you with a quote. 

How does M. Cacao ensure the quality and source of your chocolate?

We only use the very best chocolates we know of: Valrhona and Republica del Cacao. Both of these chocolate makers are well-known for using the very best cacao in the world. 

Do you have chocolates that are dairy-free, gluten-free, or nut-free?

Yes! Our Seriously Truffles are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free. Although please keep in mind that they are made in a kitchen that processes milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts. So if your recipient has severe allergies or is celiac, then our chocolates may not be suitable for them. 

Do I have to worry about the size, resolution, and format of videos and photos that I want to put on Expressio?

No, when you upload your videos and photos, we will convert those automatically to play on your Expressio. 

How much video can Expressio play?

Expressio can play up to a half hour of video.

How many photos can Expressio display?

Expressio can display hundreds of photos as a slideshow. 

 Can Expressio play music during a photo slideshow?

Yes, just upload your favorite mp3 audio file when checking out. 

How does Expressio enhance the gifting experience?

For the gifter: Expressio allows you to express your thoughts and feelings in a way that no other gift could capture. Whether it’s a selfie video of you talking about the good times you’ve had together, or a creative skit starring your family, or a slide show of treasured photos set to music, the possibilities for the experience you can easily create for your recipient are endless. Plus you choose the chocolate collection you know they’ll love, from gourmet classics to adventurous to vegan to spicy. M. Cacao’s Chef Delphin Gomes has created a range of chocolate collections that are created to impress the most discriminating palates, and to delight any chocolate lover. 

What types of messages can be included in Expressio?

Expressio can display videos and photos of all types. Expressio displays photos as a slide show, and can even play your favorite mp3 song or audio file during the slide show. 

I’m customizing an Expressio that will be shipped to someone else…can I see a preview of the box that will go to my recipient?

Yes you can! Just send us an note at and let us know you’d like to see what your recipient is going to receive and we’ll be happy to send you a video of your Expressio when we build it. 

How far in advance do I need to order a quantity of Expressio boxes for a specific event?

It all depends on the quantity. We can usually ship out a handful of Expressios the next day. An order of 100 or 1000 Expressios will take a bit longer. Let us know your details at

expressio is great for...

expressio is great for...

expressio is great for...

Personalize Your Expressio

Personalize Your Expressio

Choose your Favorite Chocolate

Chef's Collection

tea lemon / ginger / orange marzipan / red Hatch caramel / dark chocolate palet d'or / almond hazelnut praline / opera coffee / bourbon pecan Contains milk, eggs, tree nuts, wheat, soy

Salts of the World

Cyprus fig / Tibet tea / Bali banana / Portugal porto / Iceland licorice / South Africa marula / Persian pistachio / Peru lucuma Contains milk, eggs, tree nuts, wheat, soy

seriously‽ truffles

bourbon / black raspberry / champagne / cassis mint / chile cherry / key lime / passion fruit / orange Contains soy [dairy free, gluten free, nut free]*

Garden Caramels

passion fruit / rose / lavender / pistachio / apricot basil / fennel olive oil / lemon thyme / coconut Contains milk, tree nuts, soy [gluten free]*

Chile Caramels

Green Hatch / Red Hatch / serrano / Scotch bonnet / habanero / ghost / Trinidad scorpion / Carolina reaper  Contains milk, soy [gluten free]*

The Classics: Milk Chocolate

milk chocolate ganache  Contains milk, soy [gluten free, nut free]*

The Classics: Sea Salt Caramels

sea salt caramel Contains milk, soy [gluten free, nut free]*

Classics: Milk Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramels

milk chocolate ganache / sea salt caramel  Contains milk, soy [gluten free, nut free]*

Classics: Milk Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramels & Dark Palet d'Or

Milk chocolate ganache / sea salt caramel / dark chocolate palet d'or Contains milk, soy [gluten free, nut free]*

*Manufactured in a kitchen that processes milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy

Three Tips for Shooting Expressio Videos


Take videos in landscape in order to fill the Expressio beautiful 6" HD screen.

Get In Close

Make sure to video close ups of people and action.Make your recipient feel like they're really there.

Keep It Smooth

Move the camera slowly and smoothly. A steady hand makes your video easier to watch and keep track of what's going on.