Chile Caramels

Size and Heat:

we took our amazing chocolate covered caramel and added just enough pulverized pepper to give you great chile flavor without an added face explosion. don’t get us wrong...they are still hot, but you’re going to actually be able to taste the great flavors that are usually masked by insane heat.

OPTIONS: for 8-piece boxes, you can choose from lower heat (2 each of the first 4 below), high heat (2 each of numbers 4-8 below) - or ALL the heat and get 2 of everything!  And if it all becomes too much for you, try a scoop of ice cream. the cold, sweet and the dairy all help to neutralize the capsaicinoids from attacking your you're ready for your next caramel! 

1. Green Hatch

you’ll love the hatch heat combined with the earthy, smoky, rich pepper taste of this caramel.

2. Red Hatch

with similar heat to its green sibling, the red hatch warms with each bite, teasing out earthy, smoky, rich, buttery flavors

3. Serrano Tampiqueño

Serrano chiles have a delayed-fuse heat, allowing their flavor notes to unfold before their heat crashes in. a big kick in a tiny package

4. Scotch Bonnet

this fruity, sweet chile pepper of the Caribbean boasts’ flavors of tomato and apple in its complex profile that have made it famous.

5. Habanero

the bright fruity notes we all know and love in habaneros, with ripping heat that bites back

6. Ghost

previously ranked as the the world's hottest chile pepper,  we prepare these caramels in such a way that you'll enjoy the smoky, deeply peppery notes of the flavor before the slow burning heat haunts you.  

7. Scorpion

aggressively hot, with a long-lasting lingering heat signature. the flavors you’ll experience before the heat gets you are citrusy, sweet, and at times even floral.

8. Carolina Reaper

death by chocolate, the carolina reaper chile caramel is a delicious way to tempt fate. timid palates should start with a small nibble from one corner.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Spicy and sweet

The mild carmels are perfect for us. Just the right amount of zip with perfect Carmel and rich chocolate enjoying!

Cathy Sutherland (Wilmington, MA)
Spicy caramels

I had them at a festival last year . Sent a package to family for Christmas . Can’t wait to see what they think. I loved them

Eileen Hosmer-Mullen (Dorchester, MA)

These are SO GOOD! Even the really spicy ones taste amazing! Be careful though, the hottest few are HOT, take a small bite! Will definitely buy again.

O.D. (Salisbury, MA)
Deadly and delicious

I love bringing these chocolates over to my unsuspecting friends but most of all I also enjoy them on my own. You get both strong sweet flavors with ass-kicking heat! Highly recommend it.

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