seriously? truffles


No word better captures the essence of these truffles or your reaction once you eat them. They are SERIOUSLY that good. Oh, and they are gluten-free, dairy-free, AND nut-free*. Seriously? Yes. Seriously! 

*although these ARE made in a kitchen that processes wheat, dairy, and nuts, so if you’re allergic, please keep that in mind 

native (bourbon)

Our official bourbon truffle - America’s only native spirit just makes sense here.

unicorn (black raspberry)

Foodies search for the elusive black raspberry. Lucky for you, we delivered her tangy charms right here. 

champs (champagne) 

There are 49 million bubbles in one bottle of champagne – no telling how many we packed in each delicious bite. 

royale (cassis mint) 

France produces 16 million tons of Cassis annually – because the black currant liquid is THAT good. Paired with fresh mint and chocolate? Even better. 

chi chi (chili cherry) 

Known as a symbol of peace and friendship, we had to share our juicy, rich cherry creation with you. 

sunshine (key lime) 

The Florida Keys may have mastered the pie, but we are dominating the art of infusing straight sunshine into our chocolate. 

night! (passion fruit) 

Long used as a sleeping pill, passion fruit has been combined with rich 70% dark chocolate to make your dreams even sweeter. 

lifesaver (orange) 

Oranges were the medical miracle that saved sailors from scurvy in the 1700s. So, this vitamin C packed truffle essentially is a hero. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Roxanne Clevesy (Plaistow, NH)

Chocolate is excellent thank you

David Parkman (Austin, TX)
Pre Valentine’s day Joy

These Chocolates are truly amazing. The combination of flavors and spice, a real treat. M Cacao system is user friendly for online orders with tracking notifications and follow through. Great experience everyone needs to enjoy.

Visa Cardholder (Taunton, MA)

It was fantasy worthy. It was super.

Customer (Ipswich, MA)

First it’s a treat to visit your cafe and gaze at the wonderful chocolate treats. But most of all, the truffles are absolutely delicious!

Customer (Vallejo, CA)
Mouth watering chocolates

Little bites of truffles bursting with delicious flavors. Can’t get any better

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