Garden Caramels


How did we manage to get this unique collection of bright, robust, and sometimes surprising tastes together in our delicious chocolate-dipped caramels? Well...that’s OUR Secret. What we will tell you is the ingredients and the flavors are real.

the booster - passion fruit

Don’t let the exotic name fool you – this one is a burst of simple goodness.

the queen - rose

All hail the Queen! Elegant, understated and poised. She'll start with a royal wave and a smile. Then you'll fall in love. She reigns with grace.

the aahh... - fresh lavender

Lavender has long been known for its relaxation powers. Who knows what kind of effect it will have on you!

the crazy one - pistachio

The pistachio has long been called the “botanical nut” and frankly, we’re glad this guy has joined the party.

off couple - apricot basil

This pairing may seem surprising, but as it has been said: “what grows together, goes together”!

true companions - fennel/olive oil

Two tastes that are just meant to be together. Hey, when you know, you know.

pleaser - lemon thyme

Two of nature’s finest that bring out the best in each other.

spring break - coconut

We all need one. One bite and you’re on your way.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lauren (Newmarket, NH)

Bought as a gift for my mom before we went to take a class to learn to make chocolates ourselves. They are so delicious, such creative flavors and super high quality. Love mcacao

Jean Micallef (Philadelphia, PA)
Chocolates 🍫 without equal !

Never had better Carmels are usually the last I eat from a mixed box

Thomas McGrae (Woodstock, VT)
Very Good

Simply put - very enjoyable. The presentation is awesome & the product lives up to it.

Andrea Maginnis (Newburyport, MA)

I love m cacao! We stumbled across this superb chocolatier last year durning the Amesbury Open Studios (and again this year). My friends and I sampled the chocolate that day and signed up for a truffles class. It was a super fun evening and we all walked away with a large assortment of delicious truffles that we made! Thank you m cacao for your excellence!

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