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Chocolate inspired by art. This collection provides Andover Massachusetts artist Michele Bourgeau with a chocolate canvas and a variety of flavor pairings we handpicked to accentuate the expressions Michele’s artwork conveys. Michele’s real-world art is recreated with a cocoa butter pallet to the delight of both chocolate and visual arts connoisseurs.

    Cool Fantasy

    • With nuggets from a copper etched print set against an alcohol ink backdrop with watercolor detail, this imagery will transport you to one cool, crisp fantasy location. Like the colors of the Northern Lights, raspberries and cool mint are boldly set against a smooth backdrop of dark chocolate sky.
    • Dark chocolate with raspberries and crystallized mint

    Three Graces 

    • These ethereal women joyfully crash their cymbals as harbingers of good news. “Three Graces” is a copper etched and hand water colored print that tells us all to “Celebrate!” Our citrus cymbals of oranges, lemons, and limes are embedded in deep, dark chocolate. Good news to any chocolate lover. 
    • fine dark chocolate with candied oranges, lemons, limes  (contains soy)  

    Brownie Buddies  

      • This mischievous visual is inspired by an etched copper plate print entitled “Smokin’ Buddies” and it’s the perfect backdrop for our combination of buttery pecans, sweet brownies, and dark chocolate.  Our mischievous brownie buddies are out for an evening stroll, dwarfed by the tall trees of an enchanting southern pecan forest. 
      • dark chocolate with pecan brownie pieces. (contains milk, soy, eggs, wheat, pecans/nuts)
    - Disclaimer: This flavor of the Art Bar is NOT gluten-free or tree-nut free.


    Spice of Life

    • Entitled “Nesting Instincts”, this relief print was created by the artist through an exploratory process. It was inspired by communal gatherings for big events, like a new life. Pistachios and caramelized almonds unfold with the deceptively unexpected spice of ea sar black pepper from Vietnam and Maldon sea salt. Surprises often come from surprising places.
    • dark chocolate with pistachios and salt & pepper caramelized almonds (contains soy, nuts (almonds, pistachios))

    Let’s Dance

    • “Let’s Dance” is a collage inspired by the amazing plant world. A pair of sunflowers adorned with sage leaves and red bells dance among the flora. We add smoky mezcal to lead musky sage and candied sweet peppers through an enjoyable dance in milk chocolate.
    • milk chocolate with candied sweet peppers, sage, and mezcal (contains soy, milk)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Mary Schaefer (Amesbury, MA)
    Lovely presentation

    I haven’t tried them as they are gifts. They are beautiful. Only disappointment is the lovely boxing. I had hoped that buy bars would make for easier travel gifts. But they are still beautifully presented.

    Timothy Lawrence (Kittery, ME)
    Edible Art

    This has become our go to gift for family birthdays!
    A celebration to look at and a JOY to eat ❤️❤️

    Fran Zaia (Amesbury, MA)
    Elegant and Magnificent

    I ordered drinking Chocolate and Art Bars for Christmas Gifts. The packaging denotes elegance, I opened each box and the Bars were a work of art, lovely and I did by a bar for me and we tasted and we swear we heard the Bells of St. Mary Delicious!!!

    Marta A Kelley (Lawrence, MA)
    Absolutely delicious!

    These are SO good!

    PATRICIA O'REILLY (Amesbury, MA)
    Given as a gift

    My giftee was thrilled with the "Two Brownies," Art Bar. The picture of the two Brownies was almost too pretty to eat, but she is now enjoying every bite. Beautiful job, Chefs!

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