Boost your brand awareness and increase the recognition of your products and/or services.   Expressiosm takes your brand to the next level, creating a personalized marketing experience.  

Stand out from the crowd with expressiosm, the first-ever chocolate box with your own personalized video embedded inside.  We live in an era of digital advertising.  Currently, video is one of the most popular and effective ways to market your brand.  The dynamic nature of video makes it easy for customers to remember you.  

This sweet, high-tech gift is the brainchild of Michael Nichols, a former robotics engineer-turned-chocolatier, and Chef Delphin Gomes, a master pastry chef and chocolatier.  

m cacao’s expressiosm chocolate video box will surely give your company a competitive edge.  We combine your company’s marketing video with our beautiful box of hand-crafted chocolates to create an original and memorable showpiece.  Expressio is currently available in the following chocolate assortments:

  • Chef’s Collection: a classic set of culinary treasures, from bourbon pecan praline to orange marzipan.
  • Seriously  Truffles: beautiful, handcrafted truffles, including unicorn (black raspberry), royale (cassis mint), and more. All gluten free, dairy free and nut free.
  • Garden Caramels: bright, robust, flavored caramels dipped in chocolate.
  • Chile Caramels: hot and spicy chocolate-covered caramels with eight different flavors of real chile.

Personalize your company chocolates!


Logo medallion

Our mission in life at m cacao is creating memorable experiences with chocolate. We use unique ingredients and techniques to create flavors and textures that induce meditative moments. Enjoyment begins with the eyes--that’s why m cacao blends artistic creativity with the latest technology to create sweet and customizable chocolates with an aesthetic impact.

  • 3D Medallion - Medallions are 3D molded chocolate decorations that can be used to garnish other chocolates. The example below is our m cacao logo with an edible copper color, used as a garnish chocolate ganache disc.

Screen printed cocoa butter art

These are graphics that are printed in edible colored cacao butter and applied to the chocolates as garnish. They can be logos or another graphic-style artwork. The example beside is our m cacao logo.


One touch...

Our chocolate video box includes an NFC (near field communication) tag. The NFC tag has a small microchip that can be read by most mobile devices.

We can easily program your NFC tag:

  • Virtual business cards, Create your own customizable business card. With an NFC tag, you are able to store more information than you can on a traditional business card.
  • Website link - launch any website or landing page with a single tap.
  • Make payments – send us your payment terminal link. Provide your customers with a quick and easy way to pay for products or services.

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