The Preview Collection

An Exclusive Chocolate Experience

Our most unique offerings, complimentary for a limited time.

The velvety smoothness of French chocolate and coffee. The savory heat of chiles enrobed in rich caramel. The herbed, nutty umami of spiced praline. For a limited time, sample everything that makes m cacao the most unique chocolate experience in the world. Our gift to you with any purchase of $75 or more. 

Preview Collection FAQ's

How do I get this free layer?

Simply spend $75 or more on any product or combination of products. We'll add the Preview Collection Layer to your order, free of charge. 

How will it be included?

If you order a single-layer box, it'll be tucked right in with your Chocolate Collection order in the same box. If you've ordered a Curated Collection box, the Preview Collection Layer will ship in its own m cacao chocolates box as a single layer.

Can I just order the Preview Collection Layer?

The only way to get your hands on this exclusive Preview Collection Layer is as a free upgrade to your m cacao Chocolate Collection or Curated Collection order. 

Which collections are sampled in the Preview Collection Layer?

You'll find pieces from the Chef's Collection, the Chile Caramels Collection, and the World Spice Praline Collection. These are m cacao's three inaugural collections.
The Opera
From the Chef's Collection.
The Opera is a signature cake from world-renowned patisserie Dalloyau in Paris, where Chef Delphin Gomes apprenticed in his early days. Coffee and chocolate come together in a polyphonic aria of three layers: coffee ganache, dark chocolate ganache, and an almond coffee cake. Adorned with a swipe of edible copper, Opera will have you cheering for an encore.
Les Sensations
From the Chef's Collection.
A true textural experience, Les Sensations reveals a heart of whimsy. Blended with the toasted almond and hazelnut croquante praline, you’ll find both crispy feulletine and popping crystals that explode on your tongue as the flavors melt on your palate. Enrobed in dark chocolate and garnished with a toasted almond sliver, you’d never suspect Les Sensations’ secrets.
Orange Marzipan
From the Chef's Collection.
A chocolate house classic. The house-made marzipan is tender, unctuous, and not too sweet. Our house-confited oranges elevate the marzipan with a citrusy brightness. It’s coated in our signature dark chocolate enrobe and finished with a garnish of confit orange peel.
Caramel Puya Chile
From the Chef's Collection.
The chile pepper creation that started it all. Puya chiles are confited using our own méthode to perfectly preserve their flavor and texture. Next comes the caramel--a deep amber balance to the Puya’s heat. They’re then enrobed in chocolate and garnished with green hatch chile powder.   
Red Hatch Chile Caramel
From the Chile Caramels Collection.
The heat in this chile is similar to its green sibling. With red Hatch chile peppers, the peppers are allowed to mature and ripen on the vine for longer. Instead of biting up front like its green counterpart, the Red Hatch Chile has a blooming back heat. It opens and warms with each bite, teasing out earthy, smoky, rich, buttery flavors.
Scotch Bonnet Chile Caramel
From the Chile Caramels Collection.
This is THE chile pepper of the Caribbean region, and it has earned its notoriety. Famous for its scorching heat, the Scotch bonnet is a fruity, sweet pepper that boasts flavors of tomato and apple in its complex profile. 
Peruvian Aji Amarillo Praline
From the World Spice Pralines Collection. 
Toasted Brazil nuts and almonds pair with Aji Amarillo Peruvian Chiles, sweet paprika, Mexican oregano, cumin, annatto, and lemon that we dry and pulverize right in the m cacao kitchen.
Cajun Spice Praline
From the World Spice Pralines Collection. 
The flavors of the American South come together in this praline. Our Cajun spice blend combines paprika and cayenne with two types of crushed peppercorns. Oregano, thyme, and sage all lend their herbaceous aromas to the blend, and toasted pecans make for a nutty, buttery praline flavor.