Chocolate Classes @ M. Cacao

with Master Chocolatier and Pastry Chef Delphin Gomes

Chef Delphon Gomes

Why are we doing this?

We’re tired of boring and bad chocolate. Learn to make chocolates and pastry at home the m cacao way…with real flavors and real ingredients. When you taste what you’ve made in class, you’ll never be able to go back to “chocolate-flavored candy.” You’ll spread the word of the real chocolate revolution.



What are you going to experience?

Master Chef Delphin guides the student through a hands-on introduction to the world of gourmet chocolate, pastry, confections, and ice creams.

Each student will participate in all aspects of production, including tempering chocolate, preparing fillings with real ingredients, dipping and molding chocolates, and creating decorations. At the end of each course series, you’ll bring home armfuls of incredible goodies.

NOTE: Participants will be well spaced in an open and airy atmosphere at their own workspaces. We utilize HEPA filtration combined with passive UV for air sterilization. 

Who is this for?

You are passionate about chocolate or pastry and want to learn more about it, especially the magic of making it. Or you’re thinking about changing your career path and want an introduction into our world. Or you’re looking for a fun night out with friends and want to bring home amazing treats that you made with your own hands.

No previous experience is necessary, just an interest in chocolate or pastry. Chef Delphin will teach you everything you need to know! You’ll return home with the ability to create spectacular treats for desserts and gifts.

For private events and team building - Send us a note >>HERE<<  and we'll plan something awesome with you!